First day BTEC production arts

Unfortunately I was only able to attend the first lesson. During that lesson we toured around EW, learning about the services they provide, the green screen, the recording studios and noted down the fire exits and safety points.  We got a introduction to the building, staff and what we will be doing on this course. Buck’s Fizz was also doing sound check in a side area so we got to watch how there shows are run backstage ie the sound and lighting along we everything along side that like the simple variations of pitches and tones, levels of sound played onto the stage to keep them in time and the different lighting settings for each song or part. We got to look around their tour bus and how much they cost to hire for gigs and tours. Today was mostly a introduction to the course and explanation of what we are doing and the areas we will be working in during our time there. There was an open day whist we were there though I didn’t get to speak to anyone as I had to leave before the second lesson, others had the chance to talk to them about the industry and how to get into it.








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