Unit 66 PMD123456 – Evidence



PMD 1 Evidence



stage lighting fixtures- LED washes, batons, ETC source, filter gels-different thickness, conventional fixtures or generic fixtures have shutters (four points)- used for when you need a sharp edge ie 90 degree angle. high intensity.”fixed focal length” shorter the tunnel the wider the beam and the longer the tunnel- the narrower the beam- beam angles.

gobo’s- normally metal (light continuously shining through).

source 4 zoom- adjustable tunnel

Fresnel lens spotlight- lighter and smaller than the source 4. allows you to move the lamp. the beam can be shaped but external barn doors but cannot be cut sharply buy ERSes. (no shutters) cannot use gobo’s. they are useful for a sort edge and ability to have variable beam angles

parabolic aluminized reflector- traditional PAR fixture is self contained. you cannot adjust the beam angle unless you buy the specific lamp for the fixture. very narrow spot (VNSP) narrow spot (NSP) medium flood (MFL) wide flood (WFL).

ETC manufacturer- Altman

LED fixtures .- stands for light emitting diode

follow spots. needs somebody to stand behind them and operate them to light up a performer. the follow spot will have an iris for controlling the size of the beam. a dowser which is a mechanical dimmer which can control the intensity beam and to fade in and and fade on the light. must be more powerful the any other light on stage.

boomerang -changes the colour of the beam.

automated fixtures- its automatic and programmable. moving head or moving yoke, these work by moving the entire body. more likely to have a tight beam. mortised focus. a moving head spot has a built in gobo.







Unit 65 – PMD12345 – Evidence

PMD 123 Evidence Powerpoint:


Our First Event – Unit 65 P4

On the 29th September we had a double lesson of production arts but I could only be there for the first lesson in which we spent at the EW workshop getting the equipment together and learning how to use and set it up. I was on the lighting side of it rather than the sound side. We got the cables and lights that we could use and sorted them out before taking them back to the school. The brief is in my last post.

The others in my group set up the lighting and tested the lighting making sure there wasn’t any issues with it or anything we had left behind. the sound group did the same, testing for issues and to see if they had forgotten anything they might have needed. People that were performing tested out the mics and made sure there wasn’t any technical issues.










UNIT 65 – PMD-45

Allocating Roles-

In today’s session we decided on each individual role for each person. the main jobs needed was Production Manager, Lighting Technician, Sound Technician, Video Technician, A Host and A Stage Manager

So far we have only chosen the production manager, which is Lucie.

Production Meeting:  26/01/15

Present: Lucie, Charlie, Maria, Millie, Kayleigh, James D.C, Louie, James A

Not Present: Abi, Maddy


  • Decide Job Roles
  • Requirement For Job Roles
  • Show Content
  • Chat Show Name
  • Host and Guest on Show
  • Deadlines

Meeting Notes:

Lucie: Production Manager

James D.C: Sound Tech

Louie: Lighting Tech

James A: Sound Tech

Kayleigh: Lighting Tech

Millie: Video Tech

Lucie: Video Tech

Maria: Video Tech

Charlie: Lighting Tech

Show Content: We have been discussing the shows content and been working out what we want to happen in sound, lighting and video throughout the show. We have decided on 2 guests coming on. The first guests being Charlie talking about his BGT audition and the second guest being James talking about his band.

Scene 1: Guest: Charlie

Sound: Theme Tune of Show, Audience Applause, Lapel Mic on for first guest

Video: Britain’s Got Talent Logo, Charlie Infront of Sign, Charlie With his number, Video of Strange Acts.

Lighting: Lights Dim on Host, A follow spotlight on guest walking in, lights back up and follow spotlight off when guest gets to seat

Scene 2: Guest: James

Sound: Theme Tune of Show, Audience Applause, Lapel Mic on for second guest

Video: Full band photo, video of James on drums

Lighting: Lights dim on Host, a follow spotlight on guest walking in, lights back up and follow spotlight off when guests gets to seat

Scene 3: Guest: Maria and Lucie (Black and White)

Equipment: 1  amp, 1 DI, 1 SM57, 2 SM58, Monitor, Active Speaker System, Guitar, Ukulele

Sound: All equipment turned on, mics on, amps on, speaker on. All lapel mics muted

Video: ???

Lighting: Blackout on host and guests, multiple lights on performers.


Production Meeting 2

Production Meeting: 27/01/15

Present: Lucie, Charlie, Maria, Millie Kayleigh, James D.C, Louie, James A, Maddy

Not present: Abi


  • Show name
  • Rota
  • Venue
  • Show Content-Pictures, Video, Script, Props

We have been disussing name ideas and so far have come up with: Chat Away, The Real Thing, The Chat Show, The Chat Club, Chatting Ring, Chatterbox. We eventually decided on CHATTERBOX.

Maddy has also decided on Sound Tech.

For the venue we have chosen to do it in the milligan theatre.

In the lesson we have each been given tasks to do.

Millie is working on the set design. Charlie is working on the logo. James D.C and James A are workin on the sound kitlist and Louie and Kayleigh are working on the lighting kitlist. Maria is continueing working on the script and I have been working on the rota for the shows we are doing.


Show 1:

Host: Abi

Guest 1: Charlie

Guest 2: James A

Sound: James D.C

Video: Lucie

Light: Kayleigh

Song: Maria

Show 2:

Host: Abi

Guest 1: Charlie

Guest 2: James A

Sound: Maddy

Video: Maria

Light: Louie

Song: Lucie

Show 3:

Host: Abi

Guest 1: Charlie

Guest 2: James A

Sound: James D.C

Video: Millie

Light: Louie

Song: Lucie and Maria

Show 4:

Host: Kayleigh

Guest 1: Millie

Guest 2: Louie

Sound: James A

Video: Abi

Light: Charlie

Song: Lucie and Maria





Working as a technical operator.