Unit 66 PMD123456 Evidence

We selected the fixtures 2x Par56 Short 2x Par56 Long per side. We chose to put the short par cans on the sides for an over all wash of light as they have a wide beam angle.  The long par cans were used to pinpoint certain people and placed in the center. I choose the color red for the gel as i thought this would work well with the show. I got a pair of scissors and a gel frame. i placed the gel inside of the frame and cut around the edges to not waste as much gel. I found the correct sized frame for the fixture, making sure it fit before securing it. We used a T bar instead of a truss rig because the lights wouldn’t fit onto the rig and the T bar seemed more suitable for this scenario. We removed the g clamps from the lights as we secured the lights directly to the bar.  We got a dimmer pack and placed it at the base of the T bar so it didn’t get in the way of lights and there was more space. We plugged the IEC Extension cables in and made sure the lights hod power and connecting them to the desk so give us control over them, and connected the dimmer to the 16A Distribution Unit. Setting thew channel on the dimmers so we have control. We tested the lights but had a couple problems such as  one of the lamps had blown and we had to replace the lamp, one of the dimmers was on the wrong mad and was controlling all lights on one channel and finally one of the dimmers wasn’t working which we concluded was the fuse.


IMG_1980 IMG_1981 IMG_1983 IMG_2003IMG_1364 IMG_2033IMG_2168  IMG_2169IMG_2166 IMG_2173

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