Today we did the technical side of our production chatterbox. We took turns setting up and running the lighting, audio and video and rotated each job around as the production progressed. The sound involved us setting up lapel mics and doing a quick sound check to make sure everyone on stage can be heard also running though the sound cues from the script. This was easy enough to do as we only had to put them in order though the QLab software and pressing a button as the cues came to trigger them. With the lighting we had to locate our pre-programmed recordings of light cues saved in the desk and adjust them to fit the new staging. This involved having to go through the edit menu on the avolites desk and selecting the cue we wished to edit then changing the parameters. Our video was also done through the QLab and only needed a run through of the pre-programmed cues.


IMG_2366 IMG_2436 IMG_2434 IMG_2433

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